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IOM and NABC share their newest projects

Due to the cancelation of the Afrikadag this year, our Afrikadag partners weren’t able to present their projects and ideas. Nonetheless we would like to share the topics and issues that would have been discussed during this day. The International Organization for Immigration (IOM) and the Netherlands African Business Council (NABC) were ready to present and discuss their work on circular migration during the Afrikadag, which we are happy to share here with you!

Mutual benefits of circular migration
IOM and NABC firmly believe in the mutual benefits of circular migration and together they aim to foster this by two new projects, the MATCH project and the CD4D (Connecting Diaspora for Development) project. Shining the spotlight on Africa’s talents and using their full potential is the core of these projects.

The MATCH project
The MATCH project is the result of IOM’s and NABC’s newest collaboration and responds to Europe’s aging population that calls for innovative solutions to address labour shortages. It is a three-year project which utilises legal migrant pathways for Nigerians and Senegalese people and tapping into their potential to fill vacancies in the Dutch ICT sector.

If you want to learn more about recruiting skilled talent from Nigeria and Senegal, and how circular labour migration contributes to development, you can watch Webinar One. This webinar includes some interesting guest speakers: Mr. Cédric Filet, Founder and CEO of Aldelia – a global talent sourcing and matching platform with 12 offices in Africa, and Mr. Ernesto Spruyt, Founder and CEO of Tunga – a startup which places young tech developers from developing countries with remote based employment.

If you are interested to explore the opportunities of hiring talent from Nigeria or Senegal, the IOM and NABC like to invite you to Register for Webinar Two, scheduled for 19 May 2020! Immigration lawyer, Hélène Jonker, will join and  share her expertise on the Dutch immigration law and necessary procedures for hiring foreign workers. Participation is free of charge.

The CD4D project
The IOM strongly believes that the diaspora can contribute in a unique way to the development of their countries of origin by building bridges between societies and introducing new knowledge, innovation, values and business.

Many countries have a considerable number of professionals among their diaspora communities in the Netherlands. These countries face brain drain and often lack qualified human resources. Through physical and online assignments, professional diaspora members living in the Netherlands are linked to institutions in their countries of origin to share their knowledge and expertise. To reinforce the impact of the assignments, the IOM wants to offer internships and training opportunities in the Netherlands to representatives of selected host institutions.

If you're curious about this project and its participants, learn more about it in the video!