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Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen

With financial support of the European Parliament

iAfrica Film Festival

Beschikbaar: nog 388 plaatsen vrij

Tijd: 14:15 uur tot 17:15 uur

Would you like to escape the world for a few hours? The iAfrica Film Festival programme will suit your mission perfectly! Come and join the special edition of iAfrica Film Festival during the Afrikadag 2019, offering you a variety of film talent from the African continent. Here you can watch the screening of documentary ‘Burkinabè Bounty’, about the agricultural resistance and the fight for food sovereignty in Burkina Faso. And don’t miss the film ‘L’oeil du Cyclone’, a psychological drama about a young, female lawyer who has been appointed a case that no one else wants – defending a rebel soldier.

Join us for an afternoon of film talent from the African continent, and listen to music bij DJ Jae-Sor!

Programme of the iAfrica Film Festival @ Afrikadag 2019
14.15-14.25: Welcome to iAFF @ Afrikadag 2019
14.25-15.20: Burkinabè Bounty
15:20-15:45: Music by DJ Tréss
15:45-17:00: L’oeil du cyclone (The Eye of the Storm)
17:00: The end

Taal: Nederlands
Organisatie: Stichting Yangambi