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The collapsed state: the faith of countries in the Horn of Africa

Beschikbaar: nog 47 plaatsen vrij

Time: 14:15 uur tot 15:30 uur

Speaker: Leenco Lata (Ethiopian author; president Oromo Democratic Font)

There exists a challenge of fitting societies into a model state type. The nation-state model has failed to accommodate the peculiarities of societies in various parts of the world. One consequence: the growing phenomenon of the collapsed state. This phenomenon made its debut in the Horn of Africa when Somalia descended into chaos and is spreading elsewhere in the region. It has also cropped up in the Middle East and North Africa.
Leenco Lata, author and president of the Oromo Democratic Front (Ethiopia), will focus on the peculiarities of the experiences of the countries of the Horn of Africa where tendencies toward expansion and contraction cohabited each state. This inevitably entails considering the appropriate size of the state and what can be done in order to accommodate both tendencies. What will his recommendations to address these dilemma's be? Join Mr. Lata and find out!

Language: English
Organisatie: Gurmuu Foundation