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13.05.22 - What happens after the Afrikadag?

The Afrikadag is not solely a yearly returning event about Africa. Much effort is put in by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and Foundation Max van der Stoel (FMS) after an Afrikadag to build upon the valuable conversations of the day..
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25.04.22 - The Afrikadag is still looking for volunteers!

We are still looking for volunteers for the Afrikadag 2022! Without support of our partners FEPS, KIT, IOB, ActionAid, Oxfam Novib and OneWorld we would not be able to host the Afrikadag. The same of course goes for our enthusiastic volunteers, whom we cannot do without! We are still looking for people who would like to support the Afrikadag-team with, amongst other things, checking tickets, guiding people through the building and constructing and clearing the stands at the inspirational market. Of course we will provide lunch and you can be sure to expect some well-deserved drinks at the following "borrel"! Will you help us on Saturday May 28? Sign-up here!
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14.04.22 - The programme and ticket sale have gone LIVE!

The workshops at the 2022 Afrikadag are all explained on the programme page. Like every year there are many interesting ones! Check them out carefully before buying your ticket, because you will be putting together your own personal programme. In between the workshops you will be able to wander around the beautiful KIT and enjoy the inspirational market fair. There will be African themed books by bookstore Athenaeum, African art, food and much more. If you want to come with children, that is possible! They can enjoy themselves at the special children programme, whilst you visit your workshops. Do not forget to sign-up for the closing ceremony, after which of course there will be the opportunity to join for drinks! On behalf of the Afrikdag-team we are very much looking forward to welcoming all of you on Saturday 28 May at 10:00!
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24.03.22 - Program and ticket sale expected online mid-April!

At this moment we are still working on the final program for the 2022 edition of the Afrikadag. This year we have had very many requests from partners wanting to organize a workshop or take part with a stand at the (informative)market fair. Everyone seems to be looking forward immensely after two years in which the Afrikadag could not take place. The final decisions are being made currently! With words we cannot describe how much we are looking forward to sharing the program and welcoming you on Saturday 28 May at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam. The program will be put online mid-April. From then it will also be possible to buy your ticket for only 10 euros this year. Keep an eye on our website and the FMS social media accounts for updates!
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02.03.22 - African voices need to be heard

The African continent is rich and diverse in culture, nature and natural resources. In addition, it has a fast growing young population. This combination means there lie endless possilities. Already in a previous article it was emphasized that young Africans cannot wait to be working on a bright future for their respective countries. It is essential that such voices are being heard! For many years we have been organising the Afrikadag, of which the main aim was to include such voices the Dutch civil discussion on European-African cooperation. 
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02.03.22 - Programme will be released in April

It takes a little longer for the Afrikadag 2022 programme to be published. However, behind the scenes much effort is being put into scheduling the many workshops for which amazing ideas have been proposed by our friends, partners and all other contacts. Everybody seems to be looking forward to the prospect of being able to get together for the first time since 2019. Like before the pandemic, the programme is going to be packed with workshops. There will be something there for everyone. We are also very much looking forward and cannot wait to share the programme once it is done. Keep an eye on our website and the FMS social media for updates!
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25.02.22 - 2022 Afrikadag volunteers wanted!

The Afrikadag has finally returned! On Saturday the 28th of May we are very happy to open the doors of the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam again. In partnership with the FEPS, the FMS cooperates with many incredible partners to host this event. However, if not for the support of many enthusiastic volunteers, the Afrikadag would not have been such a resounding success over the previous years. We hope that this year we can count on many new and returning volunteers to complete our Afrikadag team. Volunteers can expect to be served a lunch during the day, as well as some well deserved drinks after the event!
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24.02.22 - The Afrikadag returns in 2022!

On 28 May 2022 the Afrikadag will finally be held LIVE at the KIT in Amsterdam! After two years in which we were unable to organize Afrikadag, we will once again host the biggest event on Africa and international cooperation in the Netherlands. As with previous editions, this year’s Afrikadag can only be organized in partnership with the FEPS and all the other civil organizations, representatives of the diaspora, political parties, ambassadors, businesses, performers and artists that engage in conversations with the attendants of the Afrikadag during the plentiful workshops and at the fair.
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16.02.22 - Towards the EU-Africa Summit

Last December, President Macron spoke of establishing a "fair system of peace and prosperity" at the upcoming EU-Africa Summit in Brussels on February 17 and 18. Now that France holds the EU presidency, and Macron will therefore host this sixth summit, he can start to make real progress on this ambition. According to the African Union (AU), this is an important moment for creating a long-term cooperation that represents more than just a donor-and-recipient relationship.
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04.05.20 - IOM and NABC share their newest projects

Due to the cancelation of the Afrikadag this year, our Afrikadag partners weren’t able to present their projects and ideas. Nonetheless we would like to share the topics and issues that would have been discussed during this day. The International Organization for Immigration (IOM) and the Netherlands African Business Council (NABC) were ready to present and discuss their work on circular migration during the Afrikadag, which we are happy to share here with you!
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