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Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen

With financial support of the European Parliament


The Afrikadag has been the largest event bringing Africa into the Netherlands for over 25 years. The annual event brings together about 1000 visitors, Dutch and international speakers, 100 volunteers and over 40 partner organizations to the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam. This makes the Afrikadag count as the largest public event concerning Africa and international cooperation in the Netherlands. The day consists of multiple rounds of workshops, readings, dialogues and films. There is no lack of culture either, with African music, -books and -food available at the (informative) market fair. The aim of this day is to put force behind African voices, bringing together people interested in Africa and international cooperation and start conversations about news forms of cooperation between Africa and Europe based on equal footing.

The African continent is booming! African countries are developing rapidly and their economies are growing. Due to worldwide economic growth, trade, and technological development African countries are transforming as never before. Yet, the continent faces many challenges to overcome. Corruption, war, repression, climate change, and dictatorial leaders are still predominantly present. However, the African continent has plenty of beautiful things to offer: 54 countries that are full of economic- and cultural surprises. At the Afrikadag we show you this side of Africa. We inform you about developments in the different African countries. And we provide an opportunity for you to engage in conversations about what is happening on the continent – with speakers from different African countries and workshops organized by several African diaspora organizations.

Afrikadag 2022
On 28 May 2022 the Afrikadag was held at the KIT in Amsterdam! After two years in which we were unable to organize Afrikadag, we cannot express how much we enjoyed hosting this special event once again. There was no specific theme in 2022, as used to be the case with previous editions. Instead, we focussed on the core value of the Afrikadag: the importance of African voices in civic discussions and policy at the national and international level. How do we as the Netherlands and Europe relate to African countries, communities and people in the year 2022? How can we achieve the essential renewal of this relationship on equal footing? And what kind of impact have two years of Covid-19 had on this interaction? Such were the questions that we aimed to answer at the 2022 Afrikadag. The broad theme provided for a wide range of options for participating organizations, with political-, cultural-, economic- and cultural workshops all making an appearance.

Foundation of European Progressive studies (FEPS)
Without the support of the FEPS the organization of the Afrikadag would not be possible. The FEPS is the European progressive political think tank, established as an intellectual crossroad between social democracy and the European project. As a platform for ideas, FEPS closely collaborates with social democratic organizations, and in particular national foundations and think tanks across Europe, to tackle the challenges that Europe faces today. FEPS works on variety of activities, both closed seminars and public debates. FEPS is independent, but maintains strong ties with the Party of European Socialists (PES). For to the Afrikadag the FEPS cooperates with the FMS. This day takes place with financial support from the European Parliament.

Foundation Max van der Stoel (FMS)
Why and who are we supporting with our work? The student who no longer accepts that corruption and self-interests of elites haunt her country. The activist who is fed up that his vote is worth nothing, because elections are not free and fair. Those who want to tackle the world’s injustices. Brave people that are willing to take personal risks to face more powerful forces at play. Striving for solidarity, democracy and human rights. Fighting politics marked by stagnation and exploitation. What does the FMS do? We aim to spark changing forces by providing activists with the practical tools that are essential in their struggles. We support the changemakers of our time and provide them the opportunity to speak their mind. We also acknowledge our responsibility to defend our democratic values in the Netherlands and within the European Union. The aim is to connect with as many people by sharing our knowledge and stimulating dialogue. This is how we empower people and make politics more free and fair. That is what Max van der Stoel was all about. That is what the FMS is all about.

Annually, the Afrikadag, the biggest event in the Netherlands around Africa and international cooperation, is organized by the FMS. The foundation strives to uphold the social democratic value of international solidarity within three areas: democracy, development and dialogue. Next to the Africaday, the FMS also organizes several public debates and expert panels on changes and development within countries and regions of our interest. In doing so, we work together with civil society, the Labour Party (PvdA) as well as the diaspora of the countries in question. For more information about the background, work and events of the FMS you can visit the website.

With financial support of the European Parliament.