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With financial support of the European Parliament

The Afrikadag returns in 2022!

On 28 May 2022 the Afrikadag will finally be held LIVE at the KIT in Amsterdam! After two years in which we were unable to organize Afrikadag, we will once again host the biggest event on Africa and international cooperation in the Netherlands. As with previous editions, this year’s Afrikadag can only be organized in partnership with the FEPS and all the other civil organizations, representatives of the diaspora, political parties, ambassadors, businesses, performers and artists that engage in conversations with the attendants of the Afrikadag during the plentiful workshops and at the fair.

There is no specific theme this year. Instead, we will focus on the core value of the Afrikadag: the importance of African voices in civic discussions and policy at the national and international level. How do we as the Netherlands and Europe relate to African countries, communities and people in the year 2022? How can we achieve the essential renewal of this relationship on equal footing? And what kind of impact have two years of Covid-19 had on this interaction? Such are the questions that we aim to answer at the 2022 Afrikadag.

This year’s broad theme means that workshop and market stand hosts are entirely free to choose their own topic, as long as it related to Africa. Everything having to do culture, politics, art, education or anything else on/from the continent is welcomed. Do you want to contribute to Afrikadag 2022? Send an e-mail to so we can discuss the options!