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Below the entire programme for the 2022 Afrikadag is shown. There are three rounds, per round you can choose one workshop. If you do not sign-up for a workshop in one of the rounds, of course you can use the time to enjoy our informative market fair. Workshops have been put into four broad categories: purple for politics, green for climate, blue for economics and pink for culture. The category is visualised with the bubble next to the workshop title. If workshops are described in Dutch or English, this also means that they will be given in this language.

BEWARE: There is also a closing ceremony for which you can sign-up. More information on this you can find here. To put together the rest of your ticket, you need to click on the workshop title or the bubble next to it.

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Afsluitend programma / Closing ceremony (16:30-18:00)

Afsluitend programma / Closing ceremony

Location: Tropentheater


16:15-16:35:Theater - Music during walk-in

16:30-17:45:Theater - Closing ceremony

17:45-19:30:KIT restaurant - Drinks

Closing ceremony: global inequalities and the consequences of climate change and COVID-19

In this closing program various inspiring guests will discuss the biggest themes of our time and how the African continent relates to them. What is the current status of global inequality and what role does Africa play in this? And how have the two most prominent threats – the climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic – had their effects on the African continent?

These questions are discussed with our inspiring guests Bert Koenders, Faten Aggad, Nondumiso Nsibande and Mariam Oyiza Aliyu. This way, the Afrikadag is brought to a beautiful end.

Speakers: Bert Koenders (former Minister of Foreign Affairs the Netherlands), Fatten Aggad (Senior Advisor, Climate Diplomacy and Geopolitics at the African Climate Foundation), Nondumiso Nsibande (Director ActionAid South-Africa), Mariam Oyiza Aliyu (women's rights activist from rural Nigeria, Executive Director and founder of Learning through Skills Acquisition Initiative)

Language: English