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Option 1: I will pay € 17,50 regular admission fee for the Afrikadag 2018
Option 2: I will pay € 12,50 admission fee for the Africaday 2018, because I am a student or support FMS financially.
Option 3: I hereby authorise the Foundation Max van der Stoel to debit the amount of € 35,00 a year of my bank account, because I want to support the FMS financially. I will receive a free ticket for Afrikadag 2018 as a new supporter of the Foundation.
My IBAN-Account number (18 characters) is name of the owner is
Option 4: I received a free card from the FMS
Option 5: I will buy a ticket for the afterparty ‘Africa at Night’ (without a ticket for the Africaday) and I will pay € 12,50 (drinks and food excluded)
I’m going to the Afterparty Africa at Night and will pay € 10,00 for an ‘Africa at Night’ ticket (drinks and food excluded)
I will use the Africaday lunch and will pay € 10,00 for the lunch ticket.
Ethiopian Injera (meat is halal, vegetarian also possible)
Traditional African rice dish (meat is halal, vegetarian also possible)
Lunchbox, filled with different sandwiches
Lunchprogramme by Labyrinth with spoken word performances.
Be aware: this programme lasts the whole lunch break and will take place in of the meeting rooms.
I will receive 1 month OneWorld for €4,00 (please notice that OneWorld is in Dutch!)

If you are unable to pay by iDEAL or Credit Card please contact us via to order a ticket through an alternative payment method

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