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1. Pick and choose your own programme

We are very happy that you would like to join the Afrikadag 2019. Below you can put together your personal programme by choosing which workshop you want to follow each round. Would you like to know more information about the different sessions? Check out the programme here.

Note: do not forget to register for the opening! Choose between the plenary ‘grand opening’ or the screening of ‘Black Panther’. There is also the possibility to buy tickets for the children’s programme and the after party ‘Afreak’. Because you create your own personal programme, it is not possible to buy multiple tickets at once.


2. Fill out your personal information

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3. Tickets

Option 1: I will pay € 17,50 regular admission fee for the Afrikadag 2018
Ticket with student discount (€12,50)
Option 3: I hereby authorise the Foundation Max van der Stoel to debit the amount of € 35,00 a year of my bank account, because I want to support the FMS financially. I will receive a free ticket for Afrikadag 2019 as a new supporter of the Foundation
My IBAN-Account number (18 characters) is name of the owner is
Option 4: I received a free card from the FMS
My free card number is:
Option 5: Afterparty ‘AFREAK’ - drinks and food excluded (€ 12,00)
Lunch (€9,50 – €11,-)
Afrikaanse lunch vega €9,50
Afrikaanse lunch vlees €11,-
Hollandse lunch €11,-
Ticket(s) kids program (4 to 12 y/o) (€10,- pp)
Receive ONEWORLD magazine for one month (€6,-)

If you are unable to pay by iDEAL or Credit Card please contact us via info@afrikadag.nl to order a ticket through an alternative payment method

I agree with the conditions general conditions and privacy statement
I would like to receive the newsletter of the Foundation Max van der Stoel and be notified of the FMS activities.