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Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen

With financial support of the European Parliament

6-9 September 2021: Afrikadag Online

This year we will organise a special session of Afrikadag: Afrikadag Online! In the beginning of September, FEPS and FMS will launch their newest publication Climate justice: African perspectives & EU policies – a call to action. In one week, from 6-9 September, together with our Afrikadag partners we will broadcast several sessions on climate justice that do include African perspectives. Join us and register here to keep up to date on how to participate in all the online sessions.


Monday 6 September, 13.00 CEST: Why gender matters for climate justice (WECF & ARUWE)

Tuesday 7 September 16.00 CEST: Climate justice & access to climate finance (Cordaid)

Wednesday 8 September 13.00 CEST: session on climate justice and diaspora (information will follow soon)

Thursday 9 September 16.00 CEST: Climate justice: African perspectives & EU policies (FEPS & FMS)

Climate justice: African perspectives

Climate change is the biggest challenge we face in the world today. Everywhere we see its impact. People are struggling with the devastating effects in their daily lives. For African countries this is becoming more challenging every year. Even though they are historically least responsible for causing climate change, the African region is hit hardest by its consequences.

However, the most important decisions regarding climate action are often made by those who do not feel the biggest impact and who generally have better capabilities to deal with climate change themselves. Not everyone affected by climate change is able to make their voice heard in the decision-making processes. Afrikadag Online is a call to action, to do include African perspectives in policies in the Netherlands and the EU. Join our call and come into action.