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Climate emergency – a core issue for Trade Unions in Africa (and elsewhere)

A dossier for those having wanted to attend Afrikadag 2020

Climate change and workers’ rights can and should be treated in a coherent and coordinated way. Workers, represented by their trade unions, face the consequences of climate change. As the majority of the population, they live in a world where climate change is necessary. And as the workers of the world, they have to be involved in the transition from the present state of the economy to a fair and sustainable world. Via a just transition.

In this dossier The Sub-Sahara Working Group FNV, the FNV Climate Change Network and Mondiaal FNV present the view of trade unions on this Just Transition, with special reference to Africa

In the first document: “DowntoEarth: Africa: The least responsible, but most vulnerable to climate change” the picture is painted of the disastrous consequences climate change has on the African Continent.

In the second document, Rhoda Boateng and Bert De Wel debate the role of the trade unions in the debate on climate change: “The climate emergency is a core trade union issue: that’s why it’s time to ‘Climate-Proof Our Work’”.

In the third document, the report of the TNI Workshop on Just Transition gives a good picture of the challenges trade unions are facing in the debate on climate change and Just Transition, with special references to the African context “Just Transition: How environmental justice organisations and trade unions are coming together for social and environmental transformation.”

The fourth document gives the clear perspectives of an African Trade Union Workshop on Just Transition: “Developing a Just Transition Framework for Africa-- Key Issues Arising”.

For a short video on the African, Nigerian trade union voice on climate change and the role of trade unions in this debate see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kVjUsxoaf4&feature=youtu.be

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 If you want to get into contact with the FNV people presenting this dossier, please write

for the  Sub-Sahara Working Group FNV to the secretary: gerhardconsten@gmail.com

for the FNV Climate Change Network to: energietransitie@fnv.nl

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