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Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen

With financial support of the European Parliament

Climate Emergency – a Core Issue for Trade Unions in Africa

Beschikbaar: nog 30 plaatsen vrij

Tijd: 11:30 uur tot 12:45 uur

Speakers: Rhoda Boateng (program coordinator Climate Justice at ITUC-Africa), Patrick van Klink (FNV-Climate activist)

Organised by FNV (the Dutch Trade Union), this workshop invites you to discuss various trade-related topics:

Workers in Africa expect fair treatment by their governments, employers and the European countries when ambitious climate policies are developed and implemented. They demand a "just transition". That is why workers need to be at the table as partner in climate dialogue and negotiations, represented by their unions. Rhoda Boateng will discuss the role of the African labour movement in achieving a just transition and present an overview of the Trade Union initiatives in Africa.

The role of the ITUC to raise awareness among its members and organise unions worldwide to support each other to achieve a just transition in each country. The ITUC took part in the discussions leading to Paris Agreement in 2015. Why and how will trade unions reach their goals?

Trade union solidarity in the Netherlands: Dutch just transition policies should not only imply guarantees for decent jobs and fair compensation for Dutch workers. Closing of coal plants here also means unemployment for South African mineworkers. Should “het Kolenfonds” (Dutch Coal fund) also provide compensation for them? And how do we deal with the fact that producing more solar panels might imply more child labour and bad health and working conditions in the mining of the necessary commodities?

Language: English
Organisatie: FNV