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Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen

With financial support of the European Parliament

Climate migration: the case of Morocco

Beschikbaar: nog 31 plaatsen vrij

Time: 11:30 uur tot 12:45 uur

Speakers: Hakima El Haité (politician), Ingrid Boas (researcher), Marthe Hesselmans (researcher)

Moderator: Karlijn Muiderman

At the end of 2018, the international community took the first steps towards the recognition of climate migrants. Over 160 countries adopted the UN Global Compact for Migration in Marrakesh, Morocco. It remains to be seen how this document will be implemented.

In Morocco, people are well aware of the imminent threat of climate change, as hundreds of people are already on the move. Morocco cannot solve this problem alone. In order to deal with the issue at hand, an all-encompassing approach is essential.

During this session, we will look at climate migration through multiple perspectives. Our first speaker, Hakima El Haité, is the former minister of environment for Morocco and the current president of the political federation Liberal International. She recently got elected as one of the world’s 100 most influential people on climate policy. The second speaker is Ingrid Boas, who is a researcher at Wageningen University. With her expertise on climate migration and international governance, she will talk about the role of the international community. Lastly, Marthe Hesselmans, who is a senior researcher at the D66's thinktank Mr. Hans van Mierlo Foundation, will present her perspective on the issue at hand. During the session, there will be plenty of room for a lively and interactive discussion with the experts.

Language: English

Organisatie: D66