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Beyond remittances: how diaspora can contribute to the development of countries of origin

Beschikbaar: nog 40 plaatsen vrij

Tijd: 14:15 uur tot 15:30 uur

Speakers: Fatumo Farah (Executive Director HIRDA), Dorien Deketele (IOM the Netherlands), Mikal Tseggai (local councilor PvdA The Hague), Hedwig Giusto (Foundation for European Progressive Studies), Anne van der Meer (Foundation Max van der Stoel)

Moderator: Maria Freitas

The contribution of diaspora to their countries of origin is very important. The remittances, the money they send back home, often amount to several percentages of GDP. This is frequently higher than the amount of aid those countries receive. But besides these transfers of money, and the sharing of knowledge and skill, there are more ways in which diaspora can contribute to the development of their country of origin. How can we enhance migrants' development potential?

Migration and development should go hand in hand so that migration benefits all. How can we make the diaspora actors of development? How can we promote the start of local businesses, creating employment in the countries of origin? And how can we make sure diaspora in the countries of destination can be involved in the making of development policies? These, and many other questions, we be discussed with members of the diaspora, politicians, NGOs, and of course you. So sign up now and let us know how diaspora can become actors of development!

Language: English
Organisatie: FEPS