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Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen

With financial support of the European Parliament

The Last African in Europe

Beschikbaar: nog 175 plaatsen vrij

Tijd: 16:00 uur tot 17:15 uur

Speakers: Mo Hersi (inspiring comedian)

“Let’s close the borders between Africa and Europe. On both sides.” – That’s what comedian Mo Hersi suggests in his latest production The Last African in Europe. The mockumentary paints a bleak picture of Europe where uprisings mark the entire continent and most of the Netherlands is flooded; people are desperate to leave. But where can they go when Africa’s borders are shut? Portraying himself to be the last African remaining in Europe, Hersi does a great job at taking a stand on refugee issues with the help of dark humour and ironic situations.

Intrigued to see what happens when all Africans leave Europe and Europeans are forced out of Africa? Embark on the journey and come to the screening of The Last African in Europe.

Language: English
Organisatie: Mo Hersi