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Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen

With financial support of the European Parliament

The Tough Questions

Beschikbaar: nog 38 plaatsen vrij

Tijd: 16:00 uur tot 17:15 uur

Speakers: Sophie Kwizera (ActionAid), Nils Mollema (ActionAid)

This session is about you and your opinions. It is centered around a highly interactive game-show-style-quiz that will test your knowledge and create new, refreshing ideas within the debate of limiting climate change in a just and fair way. What’s the best way forward towards a just transition? What role should multinationals play in this? And can we deny the South fossil fuel-based development?

Special attention will be paid to the relationship between the Global North and South, the role of women, and public versus private investment. The session will be led by ActionAid’s Sophie Kwizera (Policy Advisor Just Transition and Natural Resources) and Nils Mollema (Policy Advisor Climate Justice). They are keen to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to move forward to create a just and sustainable world.

Language: English
Organisatie: ActionAid